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Audition Sign Up for Wizard of Oz


Open Auditions for ALL Smyrna Middle School Students!!!

Sign up in Library or on Link on this page


Audition Information

  • Sign up for the audition (pick one day) January 31st or February 1st until 5pm
  • Please prepare a 1 to 2 minutes song piece to sing. ( this is a musical )
  • We will be doing singing auditions and acting auditions on both days.
  • Callbacks will be Friday , February 2nd for certain roles.



DOROTHY GALE – A sweet, innocent young lady who has a streak of boldness. She lives on a farm with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry but dreams of escaping to a far-off place where she does not get into so much trouble. She and her dog, Toto, are inseparable. She is a bit outspoken and headstrong, but dearly loves her family and friends. Dorothy needs to be a strong vocalist and a good dancer. Seek a young actress who is eager to embrace the challenge of playing such an iconic role. (Range: G3-D#5/opt. Ab5)
AUNT EM – A typical hard-working farmer's wife. Although she is consumed by her responsibilities, underneath it all she cares very much for Dorothy's feelings and well-being. Aunt Em must be able to show both her strong side and her softer side. Aunt Em sings the reprise of "Over the Rainbow," but this is mainly an acting role. Look for an actress who can be firm and no-nonsense but is also warm and caring. (Range: G3-Bb4)
UNCLE HENRY – The owner of the farm and Aunt Em's husband. He adores Dorothy, but it is clear that Aunt Em is much more in charge of Dorothy's upbringing. Uncle Henry is a speaking role with only a few lines, so this would be a good part for an up-and-coming actor who may not be ready for a larger role.
HUNK (SCARECROW) – One of three farmhands who offers Dorothy advice about how to deal with Miss Gulch. The same actor that plays Hunk will also play the Scarecrow when in Oz, and the audience should be able to make the connection between the two through body language and speech. Both characters talk about being smart and having a brain. The Scarecrow is also quite clumsy, so this actor will need to have good body control. He does not need to have a strong voice as long as he has good pitch and musical rhythm. (Range: Ab3-E5)
ZEKE (LION) – Another farmhand who talks to Dorothy about her problems, advising her to just "have a little courage." His Oz alter ego, the Lion, is lacking courage. Although he will act tough from time to time, his true fearful self comes out in any scary situation. The actor who plays the lion must have good comedic timing and really enjoy being onstage. This role can successfully be played by either a boy or a girl. Cast someone with a strong character voice who is not afraid to take positive risks.  (Range: Ab3-F5)
HICKORY (TIN MAN) – The third farmhand, and his Oz alter ego is the Tin Man, who lacks a heart. The Tin Man is kind, sweet and nurturing. Seek a young performer who is full of heart, has good control of his body and possesses a pleasant singing voice.  (Range: Ab3-D#5)
MISS GULCH (WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST) – A well-off neighbor who is cold-hearted and hates Toto for getting into her yard. In Oz, the same actress plays the Wicked Witch of the West, who wants revenge on Dorothy. This is a non-singing role, so look for an actress with a flair for the dramatic and a strong stage presence. As the witch's laugh is a classic element, be sure to cast someone who can handle the cackle with ease.
TOTO – Dorothy's beloved dog. When the action takes place in Kansas, Toto can be played by a puppet that is manipulated by an actor. In Oz, Toto should transform into ann actor in a dog costume. This person should be energetic with exuberant body language. It is a limited singing role, but this actor must be able to bark with expression. (Range: Ab3-D5)
PROFESSOR MARVEL (WIZARD, OZ'S VOICE)* – A traveling salesman whose career of the moment is fortune telling. The audience should get the idea that he is a bit of a con man; however, he has a good heart. Similarly, his Oz counterpart, the Wizard, is a con man as well — just an average guy with a fantastic facade. When he is playing the mysterious Oz's Voice, he should sound strong and commanding. This is a speaking-only role, so look for an actor who can convincingly deliver the two different sides to this character. Also, note that his role has a great deal of dialogue to memorize, especially in the final scene in Oz, so cast a performer who is really up to the challenge.
DOORMAN* – The Doorman of Emerald City is a comical character who tries to be tough but turns into a "softy." 
GUARD* – Acts similarly to the Doorman, changing from harshness to sympathy upon hearing Dorothy cry. 
GLINDA – The Good Witch of the North who guides Dorothy in her journey through Oz. She should have a delicate, graceful manner and a lovely voice. Glinda is a mother figure for Dorothy, as well as for the Munchkins. (Range: G3-D5)
MUNCHKINS – The little people who live in Munchkindland, the place in Oz where Dorothy's house has landed. The Munchkins have a child-like innocence, and they are full of joy and enthusiasm as they celebrate their newfound freedom. This is a perfect place to cast both beginning and younger actors. (Range: Bb3-F5)
JITTERBUGS – A small group of dancers who have been sent by the Wicked Witch to out-dance Dorothy. This is a great place to feature accomplished dancers. (Range: C#4-Eb5, w/ optional A3)
WINGED MONKEYS – The Wicked Witch's animal army. These are excellent roles for new actors as there are no lines or singing involved. Actors only need to master the posture of a monkey and have a great time doing it. This is a great place to cast the youngest cast members; first, second or even third graders will have a great time as the Monkeys.
NIKKO – The leader of the Winged Monkeys who has a small speaking part. If casting very young performers as Winged Monkeys, cast a Nikko who is older and is comfortable leading and guiding the other performers.
WINKIE GUARDS – A group of the Wicked Witch's guards. Their only real requirements are to sing a bit and move in military formation. It is acceptable to cast both girls and boys as Winkies. (Range: B3-G4, w/ optional upper split up to G5)
LEADER OF THE WINKIES – The leader of the Wicked Witch's guards. This role has no solo singing. 
THE OZIANS – The people who live in Emerald City. Like the Munchkins, the Ozians have a few nice features. (Range: Bb3-Eb5)




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