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Mrs. Wray's 8th Grade STEM Class

8th Grade STEM with Mrs. Wray
 Welcome to my website!  I hope you find it useful and helpful in your exploration of STEM!

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Sketch It, Play It! Makey Makey Project

1. Sketch must cover one whole white 8 x 11 sheet of paper.
2. There must be a theme to connect the sketch with the sounds.
3.  At least eight sounds must be coded to eight separate keys (up, down, left, right, space, a, d, e, f, g)
4. Must last at least 20 seconds
5.  NO Twinkle Twinkle, Mary Had a Little Lamb or Hot Cross Buns
6.  Must show editing on at least five sounds
7.  MAY be an actual song, sounds that go with a story, or a music/sound mix (make it sound good!)
8.  Have fun and don't stress!

Towers Spring 2018

Students spent a week designing and building towers to try to meet a height requirement, certain width, and to hold a certain amount of weight.

Quiz One Review

Quiz One review:

1.List five safety rules.

2.In our shadow lab, what was the independent variable? What was the dependent variable?  ANSWER:  IV: distance from wall  DV:  height of shadow

3.Where does the title of a chart go?  A graph? ANSWER:  chart-bottom  graph-top

4.What is a conclusion in an experiment?  ANSWER:  Whether or not your hypothesis is correct. 

The quiz will be multiple choice and short answer.  Be prepared to read a scenario and then identify the two types of variables.  

Example:  Sam conducts an experiment with which type of soil tomato plants prefer.  He plants 10 plants in five different types of soil.  He then measures how tall the plants grow over one month.

Independent variable:  SOIL because the sentence says DIFFERENT

Dependent variable: plant height because the sentence says he MEASURED it

Homework 2/2/18

Lab Report on Rock Density: 

What should be finished today?

  1. All graphs-check for titles, labels, and units; should have three bar graphs of the rock’s volume, mass and density
  2. Analysis-Tell me in paragraph which rock was the most dense, how that related to it’s mass   and volume.  Also talk about the least dense rock and it’s mass and volume.
  3. Conclusion-was your hypothesis correct or incorrect?
  4. Answer these questions:
  5.   Explain how displacement works.  Look up Archimede’s Principle; is it the same thing?
  6.   Explain the difference in mass and weight.  Use the textbook or your phone to explain how   mass and gravity are related.
  7.   Calculate the volume of a SOLID  that has: 4 cm length, 8 cm height, 2 cm width.

Second Semester Already???

Time to get this Spring Semester started!   I'll miss my crew from the first semester, but can't wait to meet my second semesters!  :)

Twinkle twinkle Makey MaKey

Another student coded notes to play Twinkle Twinkle.