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Mrs. Wray's 8th Grade STEM Class

8th Grade STEM with Mrs. Wray
 Welcome to my website!  I hope you find it useful and helpful in your exploration of STEM!

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Congrats to our team whose project "Bee Replacement?" won a special award of excellence!
moon rock
It may not seem like a big deal, but this is me touching a MOON ROCK from the last Apollo mission to land on the moon, Apollo 17.  So neat!

Quiz Review #2 Second Semester

Make sure you know all the steps of the EDP and what happens in each:

ASK:  Identify and research a need. 

IMAGINE:  Develop possible solutions (write out or draw plans)

PLAN:  Make a prototype

CREATE:  Test/Evaluate

IMPROVE:  Modify and retest


Engineers plan on developing a new drill for use on oil rigs.  What should the engineers do first in order to develop the new drill?

  1. conduct research on features for a new drill b. determine the materials needed to build the new drill
  2. build a prototype of the new drill d. design a computer model of the new drill

Answer: A

Make sure you know your measurements:

100 cm = 1 meter

10 mm = 1 cm

1000 mm = 1 meter

Samples:  How many mm are in 300 cm? (answer: 30)  How many meters are in 300 cm?  (answer: 3)