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Mrs. Evett's Math Class

Welcome! My name is Mrs. Evett and I am looking forward to working with everyone this school year! If you have any concerns, please email me directly at instead of using the "email me" button to the right.
A few things about me....
I was married this past summer in Charleston South Carolina. This is why you will hear some call me by my maiden name, Ms. Oberg, and some call me by my new name, Mrs. Evett. 
I have two dogs a home, Marley and Dobby. I have two younger brothers and a sister-in-law. They, as well as my parents, all live in Chattanooga, TN, where I grew up.  Some of my favorite things consist of coffee, reading, and spending time teaching students! I love my job very much and believe I have been placed    in this classroom with these  students for a reason.
I am also the head soccer coach for Smyrna Middle. If you have any soccer questions, please email me directly, or check the soccer sites. 
Please use the pages to the right to find any information that you need depending on your current grade level. Please use the drop-down menus to the right to see and review any classroom or school policies you may have questions on. Please email me with any concerns by either selecting the "email" button on the right of this page or by emailing me directly at I will respond within 24 hours or one business day.
Thank you!
Missing work can be turned in at any time up until the end of the 9 weeks. Once the 9 weeks date is up (I will give a date about a week before the deadline) Nothing can be turned in.
If a student has missing work that is homework or classwork, a copy of the will be provided on the appropriate grade level site. They are welcome to print or copy on another sheet of paper. 
Absent work policy is five day grace period. This means you have 5 days to turn in work that you could not complete while you were absent. 
Many times, I will pull for ER or FLEX and require you to complete classwork with me to ensure your understanding of the content. 
Please check the weekly assignment box when you come back from being absent for worksheets.