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Mr. Hallihan- 7th Grade STEM

Welcome to Mr. Hallihan's STEM class website!
Here, you can find links to resources that can be used to review and extend the learning that takes place in class, as well as photos of some of our projects we're working on.

Below is a list of topics covered in this class:

  • Metric System and Measuring Length, Mass, and Volume
  • Analyzing and Graphing Data
  • Calculating Percents
  • Proportional Reasoning
  • Engineering Design Process
  • Assistive and Adaptive Technology
  • Force and Motion
  • Coding

And here are some of the projects we work on to apply those topics:

  • Prosthetic Arm
  • Straw Tower
  • Balloon Racer
  • Tiny House
If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at

Recent Posts

The kids did a great job coming up with unique designs to get the fingers to grasp objects just like real hands!


As progress reports are only a couple of weeks away, now is an important time to make it clear that all grades (so far) can be improved by fixing/finishing incomplete or incorrectly done work. 

Welcome back!

These first few weeks, we're going to be working on developing the fundamental skills of being a good scientist. Primarily, we will be working on measurement, gathering data, and graphing that data. 
See the "Measurement and Graphing" link to the right for PowerPoint resources.