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Ms. Bacurin's Health Class

Welcome to Health Class. My name is Jill Bacurin, and I have been teaching health at

Smyrna Middle School for twelve years. I am a Murfreesboro native and attended MTSU.

Go Blue Raiders!

The following are topics which may be covered in health class:


Decision Making and Goal Setting   

Self-esteem and Body Image                                                                       

Physical Fitness                                                                                                 


Puberty & Hygiene                                                                                 

Human Growth and Development

     Includes: the male & female reproductive systems          

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention                                                    

Mental, Emotional, and Social Health

     Includes: stress management, depression, suicide, bullying & cyber bullying      

Substance Use and Abuse Prevention

     Includes: alcohol, tobacco, and other legal and illegal drugs

Disease Prevention and Control

     Includes: heart disease, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, obesity, stroke, asthma/allergies, etc.

                   7th and 8th grade only - sexually transmitted infections     

Safety and First Aid

     Includes: 6th grade - water safety, bicycling safety, safety around the home, etc.

                     7th and 8th grade only - CPR and basic first aid


As health is only a nine-week long, exploratory class, it is impossible to cover every topic in the curriculum with each grade. I will, however, stay within all curriculum guidelines set forth by the Tennessee Department of Education for grades 6-8.


Tennessee Health Education Standards 6-8