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Lab Sign Ups

Lab Sign Up

Smyrna Middle School has 5 desktop computer labs, 1 mobile iPad lab, 1 mobile laptop lab, and 2 Yoga labs.  Follow the links below to sign up for the lab of your choice. Please adhere to the following courtesies when reserving a lab:

  • Labs may be booked up to 9 weeks out.
  • Labs may be booked for up to THREE consecutive days.
  • Be sure to cancel your reservation if you no longer need a lab (See the email sent from Edlio)
  • Testing always take priority.
  • The mobile labs can be picked up from Mrs. Elliott's office the morning of checkout.
  • You must give the SPED teacher housed in the labs at least 72 hours notice that you need the lab.
computer lab devices Yoga Lab
To reserve a mobile lab, iPad lab, or desktop lab follow the steps below or click HERE

Mobile labs Checkout Procedures

Step 1: Make Reservation

Use the facilities link in your admin site or click the link above.
Step 2: Pickup Cart
Double check your reservation online. The laptop and iPad carts are stored in the Technology Coach office by the auditorium; the Yoga carts are across the hall in the server room. I will be available by 7:45 on check out days for you to pick up your cart and get the combination to the locks.
Step 3: Your Responsibilities
Before Class:

  • When you get the cart to your room, plug it in to a power outlet.
  • Open the cart and verify all laptop are present. If any laptops are missing, please report that immediately to the tech coach.
  • Check that all laptops are plugged in to their chargers.
  • If you find the cart in poor condition (messy wires, unplugged laptops, etc) report that immediately.

During Class:

  • Have a plan! Please observe the Acceptable Use Policy at all times.
  • Check-Out...Record what student has what laptop. This is important... if a laptop comes up missing or damaged you will be required to produce this list.
  • Teachers are responsible for distributing and returning laptops to the cart and checking for damages.
  • Students are REQUIRED to sign the Laptop sign in Sheet; these should be kept on file in your classroom if needed for damages.
  • Teachers should have students log in using their log in, a few at a time, to prevent a wireless “traffic jam”. You can find user names and passwords in I-Now. 
  • Make note of any problems with the laptops during class.
  • Check-In...When students are finished their assignment, they should log off and/or shut down at the end of each period, carrying the laptop with TWO hands to the teacher to return to the appropriate slot in the cart, the teacher should record that they returned the laptop on the sign in sheet.
  • Plug every laptop in to its charger.

After Class:

  • Verify that every laptop is plugged in to its charger.
  • No wires should be hanging out the front. Please make an effort to keep the cart tidy.
  • Email any repairs or maintenance that needs to be performed to

Step 4: Return the Cart

  • Check to make sure the cart is neat and orderly for the next person. Correct any device that is out of order or not plugged in.
  • The afternoon you are finished with the cart, return it to the tech coach office by 3:45.
  • Plug the cart in to the wall.
  • Be sure the cart is turned on and charging.

What if the laptop cart I reserved is not there?
While we hope that every teacher will be able to show the same professional courtesy and return laptop carts on time, on occasion there can be a mix up.
Step 1: Do not send out a staff email. Email me.
Step 2: Do not just take a random cart. If you take a cart that is not assigned to you then there are two carts out of place. It is a lot easier to find one cart than two.
Step 3: If you have not heard from me, look on the calendar and see who had the cart the day before. Go to that person’s room to see if they have the cart.
Step 4: If you have not heard from me and/or the previous teacher does not have the cart, please start on an alternative lesson plan. I will continue to work on the situation and follow up with you as soon as I identify the problem.
Where are the carts kept?
The cart is locked with a combination lock. You will need to get the combination from me. Please do NOT give the combination to students.
What if a laptop comes up missing?
If a laptop has come up missing and you have not dismissed your class, KEEP THEM THERE and call an administrator immediately.
If class has been dismissed call an administrator and submit your list of what students had what laptops.