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Supply List

All students need their own set of earbuds or headphones. You can pick up an inexpensive pair at the Dollar Tree or the Dollar Spot at Target. Please do not send in expensive sets, as SMS is NOT responsible for lost or stolen headsets. earbuds

6th Grade Supply List 2018-2019

1 three ring Binder

Dividers with pockets

Pencil Pouch for binder

10 composition notebooks

Pencils (wooden or mechanical)

Hand-held pencil sharpener

5 folders with prongs

Notebook Paper

Pair of earbuds or headphones to use with school devices

String backpack (not required but most students use them throughout the day)

Glue sticks or glue bottles*

Colored Pencils and/or thin markers*

Wipes (Clorox or Lysol) *

Post-it note pads*


Pack of multi-colored highlighters*

Pack of construction paper*

Kleenex (2 boxes) *

Index cards*

Dry erase markers*

hand sanitizer*



**These items will be collected by the homeroom teacher for use by all students throughout the year**


The following items are items that teachers would also like to have

Wish List:

Pack of white paper or colored copy paper

Pack of card stock


*Graph paper (give to math teacher)

Extra pencils

7th Grade Supply List

7 comp books

2 packs of colored pencils

1 glue stick

1 glue bottle

4 highlighters

2 packs of pens

7th grade ELA:

***NEW THIS YEAR: Students will be using laptop computers regularly in ALL classes this year. Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT that students have EARBUDS EVERYDAY to plug into their laptop. Students will keep their earbuds with them.

***Also remember that students have to use a STRING Backpack while they are at school. A regular backpack may be carried to school and then left in their locker during the day. Students may get their regular backpack at the end of the day to bring home. 7th grade ELA supplies: (Earbuds are needed for every class this year; students keep)

* 3 packs of blue or black ink pens (We are NOT using pencils in my class this year.)

* 1 wireless composition notebook (Cardboard cover preferred)

* 2 pocket folders with prongs (any color besides black because hard to see writing on cover)

* 4 dry erase markers (any color)

* 2 packs of post it notes size 3 X 3 (pastel colors preferred)

* 2 packs of wide ruled loose leaf paper

* 2 packs of index cards

* 2 glue sticks

* 1 pack of pencil colors

* Facial tissue, cleaning wipes, and paper towels are appreciated

** ( I will store these supplies in my room for each class’s use during the year.)


Supplies DUE Monday, August 18, 2017 so that we can set up our notebook and folder. Mrs. Russ’s email: School phone: 615-904-3845 Mrs. Russ’s website is under Staff Directory on SMS website. Please view for weekly information. Your child’s school agenda can be used for communication as well.

Wish List:

Clorox wipes


dry erase markers

8th Grade Supply List

6 Composition Books

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

6 Two-Pocket Folders


Red Ink Pen

Colored Pencils


Metric Ruler

Expo Markers

Black Sharpie (other colors optional)