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Supply List

6th Grade Supply List

1 three ring Binder with dividers and pocket folders

Pencil Pouch for binder

10 composition notebooks

Pencils (wooden or mechanical)

Hand-held pencil sharpener

5 folders with prongs

Notebook Paper

Pair of earbuds or headphones to use with school devices

String backpack (not required but most students use them throughout the day)

*Glue sticks or glue bottles

*Colored Pencils and/or thin markers

*Graph paper (give to math teacher)

* Post-it note pads


*Pack of multi-colored highlighters

* Kleenex

*Index cards (a pack of large and small)

*Dry erase markers

*hand sanitizer


 *These items will be collected by the homeroom teacher for use by all students throughout the year**

The following items are items that teachers would also like to have

Wish List:

Pack of white paper or colored copy paper

Pack of construction paper or card stock

Wipes (Clorox, Lysol, or baby)


Extra pencils

7th Grade Supply List

7 comp books

2 packs of colored pencils

1 glue stick

1 glue bottle

4 highlighters

2 packs of pens

Wish List:

Clorox wipes


dry erase markers

8th Grade Supply List

6 Composition Books

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

6 Two-Pocket Folders


Red Ink Pen

Colored Pencils


Metric Ruler

Expo Markers

Black Sharpie (other colors optional)