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High School Transitioning

Transition to High School

8th grade is a very important year. Students are ending their time at middle school and are transitioning to high school next year. Students are learning to be more independent but also that high school counts starting with DAY ONE on attendance, behavior, and grades.  Be sure to attend freshmen orientation to hear more about high school and all that it has to offer, along with the responsibilities of the students. At Smyrna Middle, we make en effort to give students the tools they need for their success in high school. Great things to work on before high school: organization, study habits, communicating effectively with teachers, and even participate in class more. These are all things that will be beneficial in high school due to the increased need for your child to be more independent and become a self-advocate.

In Rutherford County, high school students need a total of 23 credits to graduate high school, along with credits students are required to take certain classes. Another important thing to remember: you must take a math every year that you are in high school regardless of taking Algebra for high school credit in middle school. It is important that you pick a pathway that you are interested in for your elective pathway graduation requirement. You will need to complete 3 credits in the same pathway in order to meet the requirement. The same can be said for foreign language. You must take 2 credits of the same language to meet the requirement. School is also important in getting your Driver's license also-Click HERE for more details.
Please visit Smyrna High School's Counseling page for more details about counselors, classes, pathways, graduation requirements, and more. Explore scores are used in the placement of standard, honors, and advanced honors courses.