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Welcome to 8th grade English Language Arts! This year you will be immersed in a variety of complex texts which will challenge your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. In our time together, you will be asked to work collaboratively with classmates to explore literature and informational text sets. You will track your individual performance using metacognitive strategies which are proven to foster growth. The content and skills covered in this course, combined with the social-emotional skills we will discuss, are essential for becoming your best self.  Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, describes literacy as “a bridge from misery to hope.” My goal for you is to find that hope. 

-Mrs. Lee 

Class Rules 

The expectations for this class reflect the school-wide expectations and are as follows:

  • Respect yourself, others, and school property
  • Display positive and appropriate citizenship and character 
  • Be prepared for school and class

*You may receive one warning before the behavior is documented on the discipline log.

*Tardies will be documented in the disciple log as well. 

How will we know students are learning?
  • Students will participate and collaboratively learn through skills and strategies in close reading and analysis of texts.
  • Students will take periodic formative assessments to show what they are learning. 
  • Students will complete exit slips frequently to reflect on and stay accountable for content introduced and studied in class.
  • Students will participate in metacognitive strategies based on exit slips and formative assessments to understand their own thinking process.
  • Students will self-assess and track their growth which allow them to consider and manage their next steps in the learning process.
How will students be supported?

Supports when students do not learn the intended skills

Extensions for students who have already learned the intended skills

  • Students may use formative assessments (such as learning checks) as an opportunity to study individually or with teacher support.
  • Students may utilize templates and graphic organizers. 
  • Students may receive additional supports as necessary through school and/or teacher intervention in ER time.
  • Students may be given multiple opportunities to reach mastery after completing necessary intervention time. 

  • Students may read and analyze additional or more complex articles and texts.
  • Students may lead collaborative discussion during class. 
  • Students may carry out further research or implement additional technology to assignments. 
  • Students may publish their work either locally or online. 
  • Students may participate in enrichment during ER time.