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Kimberly Malcolm » Welcome to Ms. Malcolm's 8th grade ELA class!

Welcome to Ms. Malcolm's 8th grade ELA class!

Welcome to our 8th grade ELA class website! If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me at I look forward to a great year with you! 

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Lamb to the Slaughter Socratic Seminar questions

1) Although she killed her husband, there is evidence to prove that Mary actually loved him. Write down 2 passages that show her love for Patrick. 
2) What do you think was Patrick's reason for wanting to end his marriage? Why do you think the author doesn't tell us? What is accomplished by using this story telling technique?
3) The author could have had Mary kill Patrick with a hunk of ice or a steak. Why do you think he chose a lamb? Symbolically, why is this an interesting choice? (Think Bible...who is the lamb?)
4) Write down 2 passages that show that make the reader laugh at the humor or irony (when the reader knows what the cops don't know). 
5) At what point in the story did you realize that Mary was going to have the evidence eaten? What was it about that part of the story that made you suspicious? 
6) Is Mary a sympathetic character? Explain. 
7) What influence does Mary's pregnancy have on the story? 
8) What influence does Patrick's job have on the story? 
9) One theme from the story could be that appearances are not always what they seem. Find 3 examples from the story that prove this theme. You can summarize them if you want. 

New Grading Procedures for RACES pp's

Student will be required to redo the paragraph if any of the following are missing or incorrect:
1- 3 or more spelling errors
2- Capitalization absent
3- Punctuation absent
4- No quote present 
5- If no explanation is given for the quote, they will receive 1/2 credit