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Mrs. Wray's 8th Grade STEM Class

8th Grade STEM with Mrs. Wray
 Welcome to my website!  I hope you find it useful and helpful in your exploration of STEM!

Recent Posts

Animal Adaptations Research Project

Answer the 10 questions below in an essay about your animal.  Highlight the answers within the essay.  Also include a picture of your animal and three interesting facts (in sentences). 

1.What is the animal’s natural habitat?

2.Is the animal an ectotherm or endotherm?

3.Does the animal lay eggs or give birth?

4.What are the animal’s predators?

5.What does the animal eat/prey upon?

6.Has the animal experienced any habitat loss and/or other environmental problems?

7.Is it endangered or threatened?  If so why?

8.What are two behavioral adaptations and how do these benefit the animal?

9.What are two structural adaptations and how do these benefit the animal?

10.What are two physiological adaptations and how do these benefit the animal?

Weight-Bearing Structures

Hello all, I hope to keep everyone up to date on what's going on in the classroom this year. I will take photos of our projects and edit them together for videos! This one will be edited later on to include more, but for now, enjoy this small sample of our SMS 8th Graders' work in 8th Grade STEM! ~Mrs. Wray

This Week-Sept. 5

 Hey all!
  This week we are focusing on several 8th grade science standards:  Scientific method, variables, density, lab tools, charts and graphs and procedures. 
  On Friday we will begin looking at the engineering design process.  

Calculating the Volume of a Cylinder, Cone or Sphere

Khan Academy's video on how to calculate each type of volume for 8th grade math: The embedded video only covers cylinders, but if you follow the link, it will take you to the entire thing.

Science Bob makes BIG elephant toothpaste!

This video shows the "elephant toothpaste" (water, oxygen and soap) we made in class but also shows the BIG reaction using the more concentrated hydrogen peroxide that we did NOT get to do in class.  
Use caution if trying the smaller reactions at home, but the foam is safe to touch.  Just don't get the hydrogen peroxide in your eyes.  

Atoms, Compounds and Mixtures

8th Graders have watched this video in class over the topic of atoms, compounds and mixtures.  They can view it again at home if they need more help with the topic.