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Social Studies 8th Grade

Weekly Work

Unless otherwise specified, all assignments are due the next day.

Students should study daily notes and information in anticipation of a quiz over that information the following day. We will not have quizzes each day but students should be prepared.

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Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States Early Years

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Week beginning 9/11/2017

We are studying the 13 colonies

Board questions for 9/13/2017

answers are found in Chapter 3 section 2, completed work is due no later than Friday 9/15/2017

New Colonies

  1.        Why was the Massachusetts Bay Company formed?
  2.         What was the Great Migration?
  3.         Why did people come to America during the Great Migration?
  4.         Who was the governor of the Massachusetts colony?
  5.          In Massachusetts, who was allowed to participate in government? Later, how does this change?
  6.         What is religious tolerance?


  1.         Why does Thomas Hooker form the colony, Connecticut?
  2.          What was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut?
  3.           What is the significance of the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut?

Rhode Island

  1.        Why does Roger Williams create Rhode Island?
  2.        What is significant about the colony of Rhode Island?
  3.        When does New Hampshire become an independent colony?

Conflict with Native Americans

  1.       Why did conflict exist between settlers and the Indians?
  2.        What was King Philip’s War?
  3.        What is significant about Metacomet’s defeat in King Philip’s War?
Work assignment for Monday, 9-18-2017


1-10  I am giving you the answers……read the section and write questions for the answers…..your questions must include page, paragraph and line(s) where you found the information.This is due tomorrow.

  • 1. The sole owner and ruler of a colony.
  • 2. Founded the colony of Pennsylvania.
  • 3. A landowner in New Netherland.
  • 4. Someone who refuses to fight wars.
  • 5.surrendered to the English without a fight in 1664.
  • 6.originally called New Amsterdam.
  • 7.Named after an island in the English Channel.
  • 8. Designed the “City of Brotherly Love”
  • 9. 1701 Document granting Pennsylvania colonists the right to elect legislative representatives.
  • 10.Some of the Pennsylvania’s southern colonies formed this colony.
  • Work for Tuesday 9-19-2017
  • Here are the answers, you write the questions....Chapter 3 section 4
  • 1. People who worked off their passage to America.
  • 2.Led a revolt against the Jamestown colony.
  • 3.Last English colony established in America.
  • 4.Colony created for Catholics.
  • 5. Eliza Lucas developed this Carolina crop in the 1740’s.
  • 6. Colony established for debtors.
  • 7. Founded Georgia.
  • 8.Carolina is Latin for this.
Thursday CFA #1